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OY – I’m talking to you!

on Feb 12

I had an insight this morning I want to share. If anybody can tell the element/s missing from this conversation please respond to the group. That way everyone can get an insight and ‘mostly’ see how they already know all of this stuff or whatever the case may be.

Mastery means dealing with the ‘mostly’ and being as confident as a surfer riding the waves.

I was chatting to my son who was trying to finish his last 40 winks.
There was an awfully good reason why he should be awake (enough said) so I chatted on … until I felt that I was alone in the room. I could even listen to the dog barking in the distance.

I said, continuing in a cheerful voice,
“Hey you have to grunt every now and again so I am encouraged that you are hearing me” ‘No answer came the stern reply’.

“OY” I’m setting a vibrational tone and maintaining optimism so I believe you can hear me – HEY”

“grunt” followed by “mmmmgg”

I carried on happily until the kettle whistled. “Tea?” I asked Silence again so I made one cup and started to write this message instead.

I live in a world of hit and miss communication – daily mayhen in the purist sense. Since I started the Perfect 8 course I have been attending to the principles I wrote in the book and doing my best to talk like I walk. Yes – that way round.

Being an expert – I prefer the word master – is purely being someone who does a thing so often it’s easy. We can go for accolades and plaudits along the way – and that’s fun too.
As a part-timer it’s a bit like attempting to learn the language of the country you are in and always talking country lingo with mates.

It’s annoying for people when you keep picking up dropped communication balls – telling them (primly) why it was dropped. Doing a course gives you social permission to play the game. so no primness needed.

About this course.
When we are ready to start I’m hoping that we will all know naturally. Someone will speak up anyway. We will start in the first week getting acquainted with the prologue and the general idea of what it will mean to be a master communicator. I realise that this is a BIG claim. I am sufficiently trusting in the system to know that we can achieve mastery. Those among us who are going pretty strong already can improve along the way.

And it’s really fun sharing insights to others who are as interested in it as you are. beats football. The more of us there are the less each individual has to do. it takes off all the pressure. The term lurkers is just transformed into learners who listen and acknowledge by action. That’s valid. Action speaks.

In subsequent weeks we can examine each point that comes first on the menu. Anyone wanting to write something and have it published can place it as a comment on the Perfect 8 site.

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