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An Idea – Truth Versus Opinion

on Feb 13

Truth is ALL. Truth is the nearest thing we can contemplate in relation with the essence of God and the ancient wisdom that runs in all our souls.

Some say that we cannot talk about the Truth – indeed it was illegal to talk it or about it as recently as 2000 years ago as it was tantamount to speaking about God. And that was the jealousy guarded domain of the elite of the religious and legal sects.

Nowadays it is thankfully more open – indeed the truth is a free for all. Words like Truth, Love and Vision are adopted as onions with many layers of opinions built around the seed. The person who said that truth was many faceted as a diamond had a clue – just a clue.

Yet in each human being is the ability to know the Truth of our own unique individual experience. Nobody can take that away.

True that was our experience yesterday and today we can have a different experience of the same moment in time. Also true is the fact that people extrapolate psychological theories and pronounce insanity on the truth of our experience which is our own supreme domain. We are here to experience and to know with our inner knowledge that it is the Truth.

Opinions are our thoughts about the matter based on learned beliefs and cultural significators. They are like cobwebs that wrap us up tight and divide us from the Truth. It takes enormous courage and the willingness to face isolation – but hey isolation is itself only a thought that can in itself isolate us. How can we be isolated when we are a part of the All? We are only isolated when we separate ourselves from nature.

Truth has power and so have thoughts.

Truth is of nature and thoughts are of mankind’s making. Intelligence plays a great part in trusting the truth of our own experience regardless of the thoughts of ourselves or others around us.

Of course we do regard them – our minds are always at the ready to protect us from danger and from change that often represents danger to our beliefs. However there’s a FEEL to the Truth. Everyone who is human gets the vibe of the Truth.

And when a bunch of us gets it at the same time it’s a Universal Experience – a tangible high, a buzz that’s unmistakable. I think that’s what is meant by the expression “you can’t con an honest man’. I think that’s why people flock to ball games where the truth of sincere effort and intention scores the points. Above all I think that’s why people get the vibe of truth in Great music and art.

What has this to do with the 8 elements in communicating? Mastery of communicating can be taken as easily to communicate lies as truthful things. Ed Bernays was such a master – using his power of observation to manipulate the “bewildered herd” as he dubbed us – we the people. He used his power for his own benefit rather than for the good of the people. He had no vision and little evidence of heart. Many wizened heartless old men followed his lead to line their pockets.

However the good news is that the promulgating of lies-for-gain is a short term policy. No good came of the slaughter, torture and genocide perpetrated by the crusaders, conquistadors and inquisitors of the Roman ‘church’. And no good will ever come of the evil of war. Conquest and organised pillage is already a thing of the past. We the people are not as bewildered as we were :-).

The Truth of our experience is about as close as we can get to frame our ideas, to select our audience, to give force to our intention, to attract max attention, to realise the meaning and understanding of what we want to pass along. Maybe ‘space’ is best described as time.

The acknowledgement of our ideas comes as the ultimate sign that what we speak is the truth. The only law of attraction is that what you give – you get. Newton had a point – ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’ .

When we speak the truth of our own experience the chances are that we will be heard. That what we give we shall receive. That what we seek we shall find.
Maybe not straight away (and the ego does not like this) . There are still echoes down the corridors of time of the plunderers and hoarders who’s efforts benefit only their own seed. These echoes are thoughts that prevail to confound the Truth.

They die as naked as they are born despite their fancy sepulchers and preservation techniques. The Truth lives on. Great Art lives on. Truth is the daughter of Time.

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