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on Jun 30

Working Wisdom
by Jackie Mackay
8 quick ways to put Wisdom to work in everyday life


In the beginning there was nothing and then God created Light. God, the Force, Truth, Love, Energy, the Original Substance, and the Holy Ghost are all words we use for the power of creation that created Light.

In a sense that is all we need to know. The rest is the natural world living there right in front of us. Many entities with names and nuances are revered representations of the ineffable, undeniable, infinite God  – the ALL.

The All means us as well. We are a creature of God – a created entity; as is each and every other person, and object.  The ancients knew that you don’t need legs arms a head and a heart to be alive. Every element is alive, every molecule – every cell and many things we don’t even know yet – that exist – are alive.

Buzzing on Energy

Holograms are a really good analogy a lot of people like. If a hologram – an image that looks solid under a laser light, is shattered into many pieces each piece is a minute complete representation of the whole hologram. Loads of little images. This gives us a glimpse of the overall picture.

This is why we know that we are part of the creator. We can create because we each of us possesses unique free will. We have been created with vision. Because we choose not to see, we often deny, even though we were there at the beginning and created light,

That’s far out. And where does it get us ? We still eat, sleep and move particles from one place to another on a daily basis.  While that sinks in – or not – we need to move along in our lives.

“Brilliant men are often strikingly ineffectual.  They fail to realize that the brilliant insight is not by itself achievement.  They never have learned that insights become effectiveness only through hard systematic work.” (Peter Drucker)

The Hard Work
Fine – so now you know 20 ways to get thinner, You understand the power of thought and the importance of staying in the Now. You have read the book and have quotes on your desk top from The Dalai Lama, Bill Hicks, Peter Drucker and Wallace Wattles and the rest…. You forgave everybody (well nearly) and know ALL about the ego and pain bodies, You fought cancer with apricot seeds and won, did a whole month on grapes and walked with the wolves –– Now what?

Well indeed – What about now? What’s that nagging thought doing?  It is annoying you  that’s what.  That voice in the head has a critical intonation “you will be late”.

“Drat I’m late again and I haven’t got his number”
Hold that thought and proceed serenely to the next thing in hand, full on in the gratitude attitude, carrying the distant echo in your mind of:

“Where IS the problem?”

The title of this article is ‘8 quick ways to put wisdom to work in your life’  here they are:

• Create anything you want to
• Give something to someone
• Ask yourself a question
• Do something with your undivided attention
• Know what benefit your action has for you
• Know who else benefits from your action
• Recognise the result of your action
• Pause, observe, consider

Before we explore what these mean in our own daily today life we do well to remember one thing.  When we read the list as it is above, we all remember the feelings and thoughts we had when we last did something on the list.

These thoughts will trigger more thoughts.  Questions and answers will flow in the undercurrent of our subconscious minds.

The subconscious is not some sleepy drone, it is ever at the ready to save us from harm and generates instantaneous trigger thoughts and more questions like

“What question? How can I choose a question ? I don’t want to ask anything this is silly”

I realised quite recently that I was not the only one with a bossy judgmental voice. Most people say they have one that makes not the slightest difference to them – they lightly refer to it as a little voice or a quiet background voice.

Not so the voice in my head.  It was the boss of me.  I was her slave and the other one backed her up with the sonorous bass tones full of gentle reproachful platitudes.

As I read through books his & her comments slowed me down.  A good film shut them up for now – until afterwards, when the reviews came pouring in. Somehow I never felt that this flow was my voices – even though I knew they were in my mind. Even when I was told I was fully responsible for creating them.  When I was a child I thought it was angels and fairies.

Yes I really did. It’s hard to believe it now. Now that I am grown I think (strictly to myself) – “What!  those were my thoughts? What a sewer of a mind I must have to think so casually about such things – just look what it’s doing to my adrenalin production”.

During a full on drama my him & her left me alone – for example pulling the car out of a skid was a silent affair before the full scale onslaught.

I thought this was part of being alive. Despite this I did some serious work to find out about these voices – insight after insight, year after year, grabbing some respite by reading Krishnamurti and other good books that the mind had no answer to.

My voices changed their tone – the  language as appropriate to the agreement from my peers.  But they kept on.  Then I got in touch with Bruce Lipton’s massive video of the talk he gave to the Google staff ‘Where Mind and Matter Meet‘ and from there on I found tools to sort out many basic beliefs and gradually the voices adapted themselves to a quiet running commentary that go altogether when I meditate.

I think that when people talk to themselves they are just giving voice to their voices.

It’s pretty quiet now – and when it isn’t I hear the comments and they are not my boss.

The context is set.  Here’s the list with some practical suggestions to apply in real life where it matters the most to you and all those around you.

• Create Anything You Want To
Creating something that was not there before: Bake a cake – write a letter – arrange or rearrange a shrine** – paint a wall – restore something that’s broken – change a light bulb – write a chapter – take a picture – make up a tune – frame a picture, anyone can add a bunch more.

• Give something to someone
This means just anyone. Compliment him – acknowledge her – support them, smile at a baby – say g’day to a passer by – thank the road sweeper – buy a present – sing someone a song – write a poem for her – cook a dinner for him – Give him a picture – take her with you – leave a space better than you found it … Pick one – any one.

• Ask yourself a question
Try and do this aloud – more effective. Why am I doing this?  – What’s that all about?  – Why do I need this bun so bad?   – Yeah, Who sez?   – Does that interest me?   – What’s my payoff?   – Do I buy this?  –  What’s that coming out of the TV set?   – How come resource rich countries have so many poor people?  – Is economics BS?  – Why is he always late?  – How can I feel better?. Wise men say that the answer is found in the question’s words.

• Do something with your undivided attention
Be deliberate and purposeful – Shut off the ringers – hang quiet sign on the door – get yourself a cuppa first – give yourself a time to do it in – wash your hands – drink some water – perfume the air/you – start it ‘from here’ and now – make a check list – do one thing at a time – check it all through –  jot down pressing thoughts for later – stretch at intervals – breathe – Stick to finishing time.

• Know what benefit your action has for you
What’s in it for you ? – own up to be grateful.  personal pleasure – satisfaction – financial reward – save time later – save money – feel good – feel better – keep a promise – complete a task – strengthen a habit – make you stronger – test your stamina – practice being patient – taking command of your mind

• Know who else benefits from your action
Benefits freely or for trade. your close friend – your neighbor – your community – your group – your for – your Tweet followers – your network – your school, – your ward – your team – your boss – your children – your granny – your ma and pa – your partner – your lover – your X

• Recognise the desired result of your action
Straight away
better atmosphere – prettier place – income – raised energy – validation – affirmation – something learnt – imagination awakened – a smile on someone’s face – warmth in someone’s voice – a welcoming entrance – a satisfied tummy

In Store for the future
Full larder – Ironing all done, – a project progressed – a proposal sent – Time with family – fitter body – better memory –  a new skill  –  increased vocabulary

• Pause, observe, consider
Stop. Let words hang in the air. Choose to relax – meditate, do nothing – visualise a beautiful thing – listen to the quiet – gaze at a wall – listen to your thoughts – feel one hand with another – do some palming* – hear a favorite song in your head from start to end – enjoy a painting – thrill to a photograph.

“If you must speak, say something that is better than silence” Pythagorus

In the end peace falls upon you as you get in touch with the ALL



* palming is cupping your palms over your eyes, leaving them to open and close at will, and shutting out all the light you can, then visualise anything truly black that you can.  This was discovered as an efficacious method for relaxing and improving the eyes by William Bates over a century ago.

** A shrine is a sacred space anywhere from the garden, a shelf, a desk – somewhere beautiful and loved. Somewhere to find peace.

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