Welcome to the course book 'How to Communicate' in 8 chapters. Write engaging documents and have enjoyable interactions with people in the kitchen, office or on stage.

Good communication can resolve any problem even among the cacophony of today's interactions. Conversations between people are at the root of all problems and also integral to solving them.

Please read the foreword first and then we wish you a fun journey in the art of communication.

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Much confusion arises when a discussion arrises where only one party is actually familiar with the object or concept being discussed. Familiarity is therefore crucial to the objective of understanding something. What you are saying may be an alien concept (for example a chat about aliens where people are present who don’t believe in UFOs) There are just too many examples to even list.

This is further complicated by the fact that adults seldom admit to NOT understanding. People will rarely let you know that they do not understand. Nobody wants to be thought of as ignorant. A colourblind person will seldom let you know of the disability – especially if they are a designer.

A child tends to ‘get it’ faster than an adult because he has no shame in saying “what does that mean?” Moreover grownups don’t want to cause a fuss in asking for an explantation to be repeated maybe three times. Remember that just because someone understands something does not mean they are great at putting the concept across. If that is the case then the person you are talking to will not hear what you are saying. If you say something that sounds LIKE a concept, with which they are familiar, then they may ‘hear’ that concept instead.

The Roman way of teaching has decimated teacher /student relationships. Romans taught by rote with punishment for what was taken as ‘refusal’ to learn. This methodology is deeply inculcated in England and France and to greater or lesser extents in all countries where the Roman boots have kicked the ass of learning on one hand and have built grandiose institutions to glorify their learning methods on the other. Furthermore the Roman church took over teaching children at the outset of their imperialism and deliberately kept the majority of their flock as ignorant as possible in order to maintain maximum control. We don’t need to have examples of Roman cruelty. We have each and every one of us experienced it in our own lives

Obviously this has been passed on to the empires of such countries who have kept up the tradition of ‘conquering’ other countries for pillage and taxes. Here again the list is too long and and is only mentioned to indicate that the problems of understanding run very deep.

This first hurdle can be overcome with persistence, patience and in the scientific world – sometimes it takes enormous personal courage to present new findings and evidence to the contrary of the paid scientists’ own precious beliefs.


This famous saying has been quoted as ‘Laplace’s demon’ and has influenced many in both science and religion.

“Given for one instant, an intelligence which could comprehend all the forces by which nature is animated and the respective situations of the beings who compose it — an intelligence sufficiently vast to submit these data to analysis — it would embrace in the same formula the movements of the greatest bodies and those of the lightest atom; for it, nothing would be uncertain and the future, as the past, would be present to its eyes”
Pierre Simone Laplace eighteeth century

Re-read this with the understanding that what he was saying is:

“if you have infinate intelligence and knowledge of how the world is, along with all the laws of nature, at any single moment, then you could predict any future event – however close or distant”.

Does it make more sense the second time or is this your understanding of what he said at all?

Einstein was often quoted as having said, in different ways, that the older and wiser he became the less he felt he knew about what we have yet to discover and understand.

He used to go off on journies of solitude in a little boat.  He would allow the boat to drift on the kindly currents around the coast where he lived. Often he would be gone for long enough for people to wonder if he was alright.

He had friends down the coast where he drifted in on occasion having been afloat alone for days.  He always returned in a peaceful state of mind having remembered very little.  He said it was on these little journeys down the coast he came across some of his most profound insights. He described many times the “deep shudder of the soul in enchantment” as he reached new understandings.

“But this is an innocent’s guide to communication” I hear you say – “we are not all Einsteins”.  True enough – however was he not foolish to go out alone, an old man, with limited supplies no doubt – overnight and everything?  Obviously not. The difference between an innocent and a genius has never been clearly defined.

The word innocent has often been replaced with the word ‘fool’. I refer to the sort of fool – as in the rider Tarot card where the fool walks close to the cliff edge with his belongings on a stick over his shoulder. His clothes hint at the livery of a court jester. He certainly looks confident to be so near a steep drop while looking upwards. And his dog bounces alongside gaily.

We so clearly know so very little. It’s a matter of what we have been told which countless times is plain wrong,  Humans have changed their models of the universe an untold number of times. Specifically, our solar system has been revised in our understanding many times over the last two milennia as new information is discovered. Then it is categorised and passed out to the ignorant multitudes wrapped so tight in opinions and beliefs as to stifle the truth.

Even when facts emerge from palpable discoveries accompanied with scientific proof, those in positions of power have had a tradition of opposing a change of understanding of how our world is seen. The opposition comes sometimes with a ferocity designed to discourage ideas in competition with their own.

We may ask – what has that to do with communication? or we may turn it around and ask – what is communication for?

What is the point of constructing languages other than for basic survival?  Now humans have lived through a period where earthquakes, tempests and volcanoes disturb local areas, we are starting to open our eyes and look steadily at the evidence all around us that we appear to understand less of what we know.

New languages spring up among isolated groups of people with ever more new words according to what is understood by people at the time.

The more complex the structures the language and the more varied the words we use – the greater is our understanding of what what we discover and see.

On the other hand as fear creeps into a people’s culture so their the language follows it.

As Darwin was exploring nature in his boat the ‘Beagle’, he discovered many things that he could not rationalise while he was within the strictures of religious beliefs of the time.  He saw for himself distinct evidence for massive, sudden extinction of many animal species. Extinctions and near extinctions are now generally accepted. As more evidence arrives in the annals of science it makes makes Darwin’s findings irrefutable. He was however able to draw two opposite conclusions from the same evidence as it suited him.

“The mind at first is hurried into the belief of some great catastrophe, but thus to destroy animals, both large and small … we must shake the entire framework of the globe,

But in his book ‘Origin of Species’, having thought it through during the twenty years, prior to publishing ‘The Origin of Species’ he wrote:

“We may feel certain … that no cataclysm has desolated the whole world. Hence we may look forward with some confidence to a secure future of great length.”

Evidence to the contrary was passed over.  Fear had invaded his understanding overall. Darwin was so afraid of the opinions of his peers that he delayed publishing his book until another author proposed his theory without having done much of the groundwork.  This spurred him to ‘publish and be damned’ because he knew his theory would contravene religious beliefs – especially the seven day creation.

Understanding is often confused with Intelligence.  The word ‘understanding’ can be found in Roget’s Thesarus under agreement, assent, friendship, concord, and pacification as well as intellect and qualification veracity and skill. This indicates understanding as a state of mind (and heart) rather than an entity of any kind –  Thus ‘understanding’ is a thing on its own.

The state of understanding is a rich and exciting space to be.
As with attention, an energy release takes place. Archimedes was said to have sat upright suddenly in his bath and noticed the water level lower suddenly. Something happened and he was in a state of understanding.

He had been pondering a problem posed by Hiero of Syracuse, on how to assess the purity of his irregular golden crown – not to mention the coins of the realm…

For obvious reasons they found their current measurements inadequate and the cheaters were cheating and cutting bits off their gold coins. Chipping away little by little, hoping nobody would notice. They did…. Archimedes and others were thinking deep and hard.

He suddenly realised that the volume of water he displaced with a part of his body he to be exactly the same volume of body & water. This meant that irregular gold coins could be measured with precision, – HE had solved the problem in a state of understanding mass.

He was so energised that he ran around around the streets of Syracuse shouting Eureka!  Starkers.  His nakedness certainly went down in History.  Ed Bernays himself would never have dreamed up such a great bit of PR. It gets taught in schools.

Heiro (King of Syracuse) and his girlfriend Lulu are having dinner


Lulu – “Pass the bread Heiro, it’s over by your elbow”.
Heiro – “Here you are Lulu – what was that you were saying about this old geyser running around starkers in the street – not even a towel?”

Lulu – “Yeah – he was shouting Eureka over and over – what’s that all about ?-  sounds Greek to me”
Heiro – “My dear it IS Greek – it means finding out – sort of discovering – what you are seeking”

Lulu – “Oh you mean ‘I Gottit!’  So THAT was what he was tryin to say – what did he discover then – what’s been found lately Heiro?”
Heiro -“Could be anything – depends who he was  – who was he??”

Lulu -“That‘s the weird old man who lives down Proles Row” said Lulu
Heiro -“You don’t mean Archimedes do you ?  Great Apollo in the Sky !!-  HO! Adamos over here – I have an urgent message for you to run. Go and find Archimedes and bring him to me as an honoured guest. Treat him rough and the ruffian will be punished. Is that absolutely clear?”

Lulu -“What? so you are getting him to come over here?”
Heiro -“Too right Lulu, it will all come clear- only you come over here first – is THAT absolutely clear?”



Please re-read the previous conversation and see how Heiro and Lulu put two and two together (a slang way of saying coming to an understanding).

Art is a way of reaching a state of understanding through the richness of symbols, sounds, colours, themes and shapes that, without art, often elude the modern sensibilities.

In the days of the Renaissance both artists and their patrons had an intimate knowledge of Greek and Roman mythology, folklore and Christian theology.  It was at the forefront of their minds just as it is virtually absent from most modern day acedemics and journalists.

Although much is passed down in art history, the majority often miss many visual hints that gave contemporary meaning to a painting. Music has taken on a life of its own as it is closer to the soul and heart than any of the arts – with the power to enhance the understanding of all other art forms and expressions ubiquitously simultaneously.  what magic is music..

This book has it’s attention elsewhere than art history – I can only recommend a book by Patrick de Rynck is called:
‘How to Read a Painting’ Decoding, Understanding and Enjoying the Old Masters  It draws our attention to the imagery and the wonderful, apparently inconsequential details in paintings by Giotto, Botticelli, El Greco, Michelangelo, Rubens, Vermeer, Hogarth, Gainsborough and many more. Brief yet illuminating explanations accompany over 900 colour illustrations, providing the means to interpret and enjoy these and many other works.

It takes interpretation to uderstand many specialisms – or special subjects, themes, topics, categories and genres accross the board.

Each of these has its own language that develops from jargon and made up laguage – invented out of necessity to shorten the phrases used and to create words that assimilate the concepts.  We are finding new concepts all the time.  There’s one born every minute.

Luckily we have a new way of looking at things through the rose coloured spectacles of quantum physics with a varifocal lens to include molecular biology.

Bruce Lipton is a man to study well. His first major exposition to a well brainy audience of google staff.  he over ran a two hour lecture by nearly an hour and held his audience enrapt.  You can see it – and I recommend you do as an understanding exercise in this course.

When you do you will enormously increase your enjoyment by getting into a state of understanding. The best way to do this is to watch it with one or more friends. Obviously switch off the phone and all skype blips, Put a note on your door – (Front Door if you need to)
THANK YOU – EBEN (or whatever your name is)

There is a need for some fresh clean water to drink – be relaxed – this isn’t school and most people have a different mode of taking in ideas – new ideas that will change their lives forever.

I know this sounds like a big claim – I can only speak of my personal experience here and others that gave the video their undivided attention in a state of understanding.

So what is a state of understanding again?  I said what it feels like – the validation and Affirmation WILL raise your energy as the communication goes along.  The focus of attention WILL raise your energy too. This increase of energy will put the naughty thoughties out in the cold for now (by naughty I mean persistently invasive) and believe me you WILL….

…. BE in a state of understanding.

To get back to this course or method. You will have a structure at the end of it that is purely your unique ability to communicate with enjoyment. I said unique which means unlike anybody else. It is how YOU want to do it – and have wanted to do it all along.  You will find your voice. You will lead or follow where you are naturally inclined to go – be it atop a cliff in gay abandon or around a fire with the family.

By the way – understanding the nature of the fool – number 0 in the pack – nothing to declare, free of the restraint imposed on the normal old Arcana – is a very pleasurable experience in a state of Understanding the Language of the Heart.